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[Show Name] FOODtech JAPAN Osaka 2023 - 2nd Food Factory, Restaurant and Kitchen Automation Technology Expo Osaka
[Dates] March 8 (Wed) - 10 (Fri), 2023
[Venue] INTEX Osaka, Japan
RX Japan Ltd.
[Special Support by]
Union of Kansai Governments
[Concurrent Shows of FOODtech JAPAN Osaka 2023]
INTERPHEX Week Osaka 2023 - 9th Int'l Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics R&D and Manufacturing Expo Osaka
9th Regenerative Medicine Expo OSAKA

Exhibit Areas

Exhibit Profile

● IoT/AI Solutions ● Packaging/Filling Machines ● Clean Room     ● Robots, FA Equipment ● AGV, Transport Equipment ● Water Solutions ● Processing/Manufacturing Machines ● Process Inspection Technologies etc.

● Cooking Robots ● Delivery Technologies/Solutions ● Serving Robots ● FA Products ● App Systems/Solutions ● Automated POS Systems ● Kitchen Automation Solutions ● Sustainable Packages ● Reservation Systems, Solutions etc.

Visitor Profile

Following factories and production departments:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Health Food Manufacturers
  • Dairy Products Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Beverage Manufacturers
  • Confectionery Manufacturers


Concurrent Shows

INTERPHEX OSAKA is a B to B trade show specialised in pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufacturing and packaging technologies, to be held in Osaka, the largest city in western Japan. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing professionals from all over Japan are expected to visit the show.

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Japan's leading exhibition gathering all the latest technologies, products, services to
industrialise Regenerative Medicine. Exhibits include culture media, reagents, incubators, cell research related products, contract services and licensing. As for visitors, researchers/doctors from universities, pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufacturers, medical institutions are expected.

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Organiser: RX Japan Ltd.
FOODtech JAPAN Osaka Show Management

TEL : +81-3-3349-8509
FAX : +81-3-3349-4922
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