January 31, 2022

Declaration to hold the exhibitions

INTERPHEX Week Osaka 2022 / Regenerative Medicine Expo OSAKA 2022 / FOODtech JAPAN Osaka 2022

will be held from March 9 - 11, 2022 as scheduled

Thank you for your continuous support for the exhibitions.

The exhibitions will be held as scheduled while following the guidelines for Covid-19 control measures by the government, municipalities, and the exhibition industries to ensure the exhibitors' and visitors' safety. For more information on the control measures, please refer to the official website of the exhibitions.

As fair organiser, RX Japan (formerly Reed Exhibitions Japan) has been hosting exhibitions for over 36 years based on the belief that "Exhibitions, in principle, should be held as scheduled under any circumstances." It is because exhibitions have the following features:

  • Exhibitions, in principle, should be held regularly at the same time and place each year.
  • Since exhibitions are a "business place" where business discussions worth billions upon billions of yen are held, they are indispensable for exhibitors and visitors alike.
  • Exhibitors start preparing some six months before the exhibition, whilst visitors also begin making appointments with exhibitors and seminar applications.
  • Exhibitions bring huge economic benefits to the host cities every year in terms of accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, and therefore have the nature of public infrastructure.

We will continue to follow this principle and hold all exhibitions as scheduled.

However, if the government declares a state of emergency, the organiser shall decide whether to hold, postpone or cancel the exhibitions depending on the government's actual request.

Economic activities have been stagnant due to Covid-19. We are determined to contribute to accelerating and developing the industries through this exhibitions and we sincerely appreciate your continued support and cooperation.

Show Management