The show was held on Nov. 25- 27, 2020.

Scene from Day 1 (Nov. 25th)

400 Exhibitors Showcased Latest Technologies for Food Factories!

*including a concurrent show (Drink JAPAN)

110 Speeched by Industry Experts!

<FOODtech JAPAN Keynote Session Speaker> *Honorific omitted.

Satoru Ida
Executive Officer, Associate General Manager, Production Div.,

Meiji Co., Ltd.                                       

<FOODtech JAPAN Special Session Speaker> *Honorific omitted.

Takafumi Higuchi
General Manager, Smart Factory Group,
Food Production & Technology Administration Center,
Food Products Div.,

Ajinomoto Co., Inc.                                             

Thorough measures against Covid-19

Taking body temperature one by one

Anti-splash sheets installed at reception

Hand sanitizers at all the exhibition entrances

Station a doctor and nurse all time at the venue for emergency

Concurrent Shows (2020 show)

The 2021 Show will be held in October at the same venue.

We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.